Rough Debuts for Bieber

This 2013 holiday season is one Justin Bieber may want to forget. His album Journals that was released December 23rd on iTunes, and his movie Believe opened on Christmas. With his successes in the past it was expected for his movie and record to both make strong debuts, but it didn’t turn out that way.

His first film Never Say Never, according to, made over 29 million its opening weekend when it opened in February of 2011. Believe on the other hand just over 2 million its opening weekend, and has only gained four million dollars more since then. The newer documentary film had many asking what “what is the movie even about?” With his first movie going over his rise to fame, this new movie had less people interested and his recent antics in the press didn’t help him either.

I went and saw the movie by myself while my family went and saw something different. I went to a few days after Christmas and the theatre was packed with girls screaming when the movie came on. The movie was cute, and gave some explanation to behind the tabloid stories but the movie didn’t really have a climax to it. I found myself reminiscing during the movie, since I had gone to his concert over the summer. The movie would plays scenes from his Believe tour (shot from Miami), and had interviews that included Usher and Mike Posner working in the studio with him. With over 48 million followers the movie could’ve had huge potential, and his tweet of his retirement was seen as stunt to help boost sales.

Retirement is something Justin Bieber claims he is going into, but his manager is calling it more of a year long break. This may be a chance for Justin to fix his public image and give him a chance to relax for once, since he hasn’t really had a break since making it into the industry at 12. He will be spending time with his family and working in the studio.

Music is something not going too well for Bieber either. His new album Journals isn’t making great debuts overseas, even with “Music Mondays” (when he released a new song each Monday for 10 weeks) creating hype.  According to, “The project — exclusively sold through the iTunes Store — could sell over 100,000. However, Billboard has been informed that iTunes will not be reporting sales for the set to Nielsen SoundScan, therefore it will not appear on Billboard’s charts.” Rushing to release the album may not have been the best move.

I am a belieber myself and hope that this setback for him will only encourage Justin to work harder. His new songs aren’t particularity my favorite, and seem to lack the Bieber charm his old songs contained. Also his advertising team needs to reevaluate some of their tactics because there was a lot more potential with these projects I don’t believe they took advantage of. 



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