Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Debut Week

Debuting as the new host of The Tonight Show after his successful Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the former SNL cast member brought it all for his first week. Some of the biggest celebrity stars stopped by and having his comedy sketches going viral helped bring huge ratings for Fallon. The show was brought back to New York City, and the sensational band “The Roots” came with Fallon from Late Night.

On Monday guests Will Smith and musical act U2 joined him. Will Smith and Fallon displayed their “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing” in the coolest outfits possible. Those who said that Fallon would never be the host of The Tonight Show stopped by and gave him $100 and of course Stephen Colbert had to keep it interesting for the new host.

Tuesday Kristen Wiig (or should I say Harry Styles) stopped by, along with Jerry Seinfeld and musical guest Lady Gaga. The Ragtime Gals  (Jimmy and his crew) preformed a remix of “Ignition” that was pure fun.

Bradley Cooper, and musical guest Tim McGraw visited the show on Wednesday. After his success of his first #Hashtag video with Timberlake, he was joined this time with Jonah Hill. The well-put-together videos of Brian Williams rapping made a return with the song “Rapper’s Delight”.

On Thursday, First Lady Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell and musical guest Arcade Fire welcomed the new Tonight Show host. Fallon rocking a dress and Ferrell in a skirt went over topics along side Michelle Obama in the “Ew!” sketch. Ferrell didn’t stop there, he figure skated in a butler costume to the Downton Abbey Theme. Ferrell is now expected to perform at the next Olympics, after showing off his one-of-a-kind skating skills.

Finally on Friday, Justin Timberlake reunited with his pal Fallon and the two took over. After their success on Late Night, and SNL together there were high expectations, which they met with the help of their 5th installment of the viral “History of Rap” videos. Their bromace may possibly be the best thing ever.

After a much anticipated week filled with classic Fallon sketches and fun, many are excited to see what he has next. Tune in at its normal time of 11:35 (10:30c) after the Olympics have concluded.


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