Butterbeer Pinterest Time!

I am a Pinterest addict #noshame, especially when it comes to food. Anything that looks like it has 5 times the amount of daily calories I should consume is pinned ASAP. When deciding what to make with a friend it was a hard decision with all the options the site has to offer, but we ended up deciding on butterbeer cupcakes.

Click this link for the butterbeer cupcake recipe

The website made the cupcakes seem like a lot of fun to make, and didn’t look too complicated. I estimated like an hour, maybe an hour and a half. For those who side track like me (Jimmy Fallon video breaks) these took longer than expected.

After we made the cupcakes (not yet started on the frosting), the idea of making butterbeer as well was too good to pass up. How can you make butterbeer cupcakes and not the drink as well?!

So after a trip to Meijer we had the needed ingredients for the drink. Luckily we got more than needed because we had a few mistakes in the kitchen. Our first attempt at the butterbeer drink ended up not so good after someone accidentally added ingredients in the wrong order to the boiling creme soda. We followed the recipe that looked the most legit on Pinterest (aka the coolest looking one, who actually judges on ingredients?). With a few tweaks to the recipe such as more Werther’s originals, a little food coloring, and a little extra ingredients from the recipe; it was a success.

Next was the frosting. This was a simple task after we made the caramel ganache. We didn’t exactly follow the frosting format the website used because we were too lazy at this point but they still tasted great! 

photo 4

I would suggest these recipes to anyone and I can’t wait for the next Pinterest experiment!


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