Daniel Radcliffe talks Comic-Con, His 25th Birthday & Gives A Haircut!

The actor promoting his upcoming project, “What If”, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel last night.

While at Comic-Con this year the actor bought a $30 spiderman costume so he could blend in at the event. His assistant and security member got in on the fun as well dressing as Batman and a spartan from “300”. He revealed that Halloween in New York is great night for him, because last year he went around as Batman “hiding and feeling like a spy”.

For his 25th birthday his girlfriend threw him a surprise party with all his friends (how cute!) and said he’s the “easiest person to surprise” because of his schedule of photo shoots and such that when he’s told to go somewhere he does without thinking too much into it.

Finally Radcliffe gave his first hair-cut ever to a lucky fan from the University of Florida named Dan that they found on the street. While on Hollywood Blvd. the actor could’ve used some magic to help himself out, but instead got some help from Guillermo who also told him to “just go crazy” haha.



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