Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber Fight!?

Not again Justin, not again. #smh

I wondered why Justin Bieber posted a photo of Miranda Kerr on his Instagram page last night (after the fight), which he has since deleted…



Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber allegedly got in a confrontation in Spain last night. Speculation is that the fight was about Miranda Kerr, who Bloom was married to and had an amicable split with in 2013. 

Maybe Justin doesn’t like Bloom because he hung-out with Selena Gomez back in April, but Justin doesn’t really have a right to be jealous… he’s only posted what seems like a hundred photos of other girls since the their last break-up. 

I can’t help but think that it was Justin who started the fight, especially when you look at the age difference. Would a 37 year old (who according to E! News was sitting with Leonardo DiCaprio) really start a fight with a 20 year old? Legolas is above that. 

Check out this video TMZ posited of the two allegedly fighting in a restaurant



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