Floor Program Fun!

Whenever Krispy Kreme is involved, its going to be a good night. 

My roommate and I had the floor program that our RA was hosting in our google calendars for one reason #freedonuts. 
At the beginning of the semester we each got a coloring sheet as our door dec. I wondered why we just got a plain coloring sheet with our name on it, but I love Disney princesses so I didn’t question it. Luckily I was too lazy to color it when I first moved in, because our floor program involved eating donuts, drinking chocolate milk, and coloring. 

We showed up to the lounge and were the first ones there. We stayed for a while after the others arrived and the food was being passed. It was quite crowded and I had new markers in my dorm room (I knew there was a good reason a college sophomore needed new crayola coloring supplies), so we headed back to our room. 

It was a lot of fun seeing how badly I failed at coloring because my marker left weird streaks… something told me to use colored pencils. I put on my kitten slippers and picked up a new coloring sheet and restarted. It was a night full of laughs, eating too much, and just a great way to relieve stress from a first week of classes. 

image_1 image_4



2 thoughts on “Floor Program Fun!

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