Joan Rivers 1933-2014

The E! Network was one of my favorite things while growing up, and still is. One of the network’s biggest stars was legend Joan Rivers. I became a #JoanRanger after watching, and falling in love with the show ‘Fashion Police’. She could take a joke too far, and I wouldn’t think too much of it… because she is Joan Rivers. She is an icon in the business, and a trailblazer who many followed behind. This is evident from all the celebrities tweeting about River’s passing.

I remember watching an interview she was in while discussing Robin William’s death. She was so shocked on what had occurred, and I never would have guessed  #RIP hashtags for the famous comedian would follow. Just like Williams this came as a total surprise. I remember reading posts she was in the hospital, but she was working so much just last week! I always just thought that she would make a recovery and head back to work. Its hard to comprehend death when you don’t expect it coming, and I pray for her family during this difficult time.

Hollywood won’t be the same without the host who is known for asking, “Who are you wearing?”,  and other red carpet moments. She is a comedic genius, and will be deeply missed. #RIPJoanRivers ❤ 

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.40.06 PM



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