Chris Pratt’s SNL Promo

Star-Lord is ready to take on the 40th season premiere of SNL!

Chris Pratt brings his charm in the promo video, alongside cast member Kate McKinnon, and talks about the upcoming show.
Musical act Ariana Grande will also help bring in numbers to the show, which has gone through a series of cast changes recently. Pratt has been married to comedic actress Anna Faris since 2009, and brings up that he is married in the promo.
How cute is his smile?!

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 1.31.37 PM

McKinnon gets cozy to the Jurassic World actor who also is asked to open jar after jar of pickles. #ThoseMuscles ❤
Also he was my favorite character from Guardians of the Galaxy… even tho Groot was adorable.

Check out the clip (which is almost seven minutes) for yourself!


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