Sir Ian McKellen Goes ‘Gandalf’ While Visiting A School In England

Today, the Lord Of The Rings actor visited Chew Valley School, in south west England, and gave the students a moment they will remember for the rest of their lives.

He asked the students, “If you don’t do your revision properly, do you know what will happen?” Following it up with a very dramatic, and in-character, “You Shall Not Pass!” It’s nice to see how much he actually loves his role as Gandalf, and how happy he makes his fans.

Watch the video for yourself…

Chew Valley’s website released a story describing why he came to the school, “The visit was a celebration of the tremendous work the Equalities Team have been doing for more than a year now in promoting human rights, opposing bullying and in particular challenging homophobic language and behaviour in school. The Equalities Team have achieved national recognition for their campaigning work, addressing a Stonewall Conference in London and being made Stonewall Champions.

Sir Ian McKellen was a founder member of Stonewall and has devoted much of his private time to supporting the organisation and promoting equal rights. Greeted by Brian Matthews, Dani Ireland and Holly Dando from the Equalities Team, he was bowled over by Chew Valley School, the work it is doing and the atmosphere and pupils he encountered.

In a series of mesmerising addresses and question and answer sessions he talked movingly about his own personal history in the context of changing attitudes and legislation in relation to gay rights. Whilst celebrating the undoubted progress he has witnessed in his own life-time he urged Chew Valley students to continue to be a beacon for civilised attitudes and behaviour against the cruelties that can exist on these shores as well as intolerant societies abroad.”

Read more about his visit at


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