Kelly Osbourne Gets New Tattoo In Honor Of Joan Rivers

These two were more than just co-stars on Fashion Police. Kelly Osbourne was a great friend, and was influenced by the comedic legend got a tattoo yesterday in honor of Rivers, who passed away on September 4th.

The tattoo was done by Mark Mahoney on her right shoulder, alongside a previous butterfly tattoo.

She captioned the photo, “In honor of you @joanrivers…”If you looked at aerodynamics, at science, the bumble bee should not be able to fly. Physically, it was just not anatomically equipped to soar. Yet it did, defying gravity, defying logic. The bee was a creature that defied and beat the odds, a miracle.” Thank you for being my Miracle @joanrivers. 💜💋” 



Earlier today she shared another photo of the sweet tattoo saying, “As per your request.. Here is a clearer & less bloody pic of my 🐝 tattoo! #WhiteInk”




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